Krystal Weiss



340ml per bottle

Alcohol: 5.0Vol% | Bitter Units: 14 IBU

Colour:  Krystal version of Amber Weissbier, beer filtered.

Fermentation:  Warm fermentation. Top fermenting yeast.

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Ingredients: Malt: 50% different caramel barley malt & 50% wheat malt
Hops: Aroma hops and a specially-selected hop for a more citrusy flavor
Yeast: Our very own cultured yeast strain
Water: Crystal clear Paarl mountain water

Taste: Aromatic twist of lemon & grapefruit flavours, slightly more bitter than Amber with a dry finish.

Interesting Fact : When creating this speciality Weissbier our Brewmaster was inspired by the German tradition of serving Krystal Weiss with a slice of lemon.

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1 bottle, 4 bottles