CBC Lager – 340ml x6



340ml per bottle. Pack of 6 bottles.

Alcohol: 5.1Vol% | Bitter Units: 24 IBU

Colour: Light Blonde

Fermentation:  Cold fermentation. Bottom fermenting yeast.

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Malt: Imported specialty malt and the best selected barley malt
Hops: Aroma hops
Yeast: Special cultured Lager yeast
Water: Crystal clear Paarl mountain water
Taste: Malty and hoppy, fresh crisp and elegant taste, easy drinking

Interesting Fact : Lager is the beer consumed most in the world. The name, Lager, is the German word for storing. Cold storage or “lagering in caves” was a common practice throughout the medieval period. Scientists assume that with the introduction of the first cooling plants, the top fermenting yeast degenerated into slower growing, bottom fermenting yeast. As a result the beer had a longer shelf life.

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1 bottle, 4 bottles