Pale Ale in Cans



330 ml

A Crafty Pale Ale! Slight Malty Nose with aromatic hop flavours.

Alcohol: 4,8Vol% | Bitter Units: 35 IBU

Colour: Light Amber

Fermentation:  Classical Top Fermentation. Special American Pale Ale Yeast.

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Malt: Speciality malt
Hops: CBC secret hops
Yeast: American Pale Ale Yeast
Water: Crystal clear Paarl mountain water

Taste: Fruity, Lemony with a touch of granadilla.

Interesting Fact : CBC’s first Craft Beer in an aluminium can. Beyond its ability to preserve our beer’s quality, we discovered that it was lighter, which makes it more portable. The technology behind it also allows it to chill a lot faster, which is pretty cool (no pun intended), and it’s sustainable – the cans are made from 90%+ recycled material.

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1 can, 4 cans