Blue Rock Extra Matured



Gold Medal at the 2012 Annual World Cheese Awards.


A full fat blue veined Roquefort style cheese, with a rich flavour and firm yet creamy texture. A lengthy 4 to 6 month maturation ensures that the enzymes produced by the mould interact with the fats and proteins in the cheese to create the characteristic taste and avour.


Basic Ingredients : Pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, cheese cultures, non-animal rennet.


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General Information : approximately 200g ; Certified Kosher ; Certified Halaal ; Vegetarian with milk.


Serving Suggestion : Blue Rock has been our benchmark blue for many years and its popularity amongst cheese lovers has been complemented by consistent performances at local and international cheese competitions. Simply enjoyed with fresh baguette, some ripe figs and a good glass of wine, it is tough to beat!


Wine Recommendation : Blue Rock pairs well with wines with rich fruit or higher sugar levels.