Chevin Garlic & Herb



A soft goat’s milk cheese with a mild goat flavour, rolled in garlic and herbs. Made from 100% goat milk. This cheese was awarded the 2009 SA Dairy Championships Product of the Year, becoming the first goat’s milk cheese ever to do so.

Basic Ingredients : Pasteurised goat’s milk, Salt, Cheese cultures, Non-animal rennet, Garlic and dried herbs.

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General Information : Size and shape: 100g log ; Certified Kosher ; Certified Halaal ; Vegetarian with milk.

Serving Suggestion : Although chevin is perfect as it is, on a cheeseboard, it is also a very versatile cheese for cooking with as it adds a more complex flavour than cream cheese. Why not try Lamb shoulder, de-boned and stuffed with Chevin Garlic & Herb, lemon zest breadcrumbs and dried apricots.

Wine recommendation : Fairview Oom Pagel Semillon.