Chevin Traditional



A soft, goat’s milk cheese with a characteristic avour. Chevin is one of the first cheeses that was made at Fairview and is the most popular goat’s milk product. It is still made using the same traditional recipe, with the curd pressed in muslin bags to remove just the right amount of whey.

Basic Ingredients : Pasteurised goats milk, Salt, Cheese cultures and non-animal rennet.

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General Information : Size and shape: 100g log ; Certified Kosher ; Certified Halaal ; Vegetarian with milk.

Serving Suggestion : Although Chevin is perfect as it is, on a cheeseboard, it is also a very versatile cheese for cooking with as it adds a more complex flavour than cream cheese. Try green figs stuffed with Chevin, grilled and drizzled with balsamic syrup.

Wine recommendation : Fairview MCC.