Our produce

“The best fertilizer is the farmer’s footprint on the land.”

Charles Back


Shop in Store

Take Back’s home with you! Most of the products we use in our food are right from our deli and can be purchased in-store. Whether you’re looking for some fresh veggies or jams, jellies and sauces, our well- stocked shelves will ensure you don’t leave empty handed!
Open:Mon-Fri: 7.30am to 10pm
Sat & Sun: 7.30am to 3pm



Shop Online

All of our deli products are available online, so you can shop whenever you want. Get delivered or pick up your order at Back’s.


Zero Packaging


No plastic bags. No plastic straws. No polystyrene take-away boxes. We’re reducing our use of plastic to be more sustainable, respect our environment and support waste-reducing initiatives



Our Mission

Our mission is simple: keep it local. This means respecting the land from which we source our produce, creating fresh food using sustainable ingredients, and most importantly, providing quality and value for our customers.